Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Natural Way to Handle Severe Seasonal Allergies

Since moving to the Midwest I have really really struggled with seasonal allergies.

And by really really struggled I mean I got pneumonia after repeatedly going to the doctor asking for a solution.  Well as you can image, finally getting pneumonia after being sick for months they put me on two allergy meds and that did finally work.  

But being the kind of person that doesn't like being on a constant supply of medications I was determined to find another way....

That was when I discovered essential oils and Native American Nutritionals 
I had read up on the different essential oil companies and after much research decided on NAN.

So Here is what works for me...

  • I put a drop each of the five oils neat (immune defense, lemon, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree) on my feet morning and night, (Be sure to try the oils first with a carrier oil to be sure it doesn't cause a skin rash)
  • I take two capsules of the Defense supplement and 1000mg of Vitamin C.

After starting the oils I was able to stop my allergy meds 100%, but I did notice some occasional ear itching and ear clogging

I then added the Defense supplement and I also will sometimes put lavender on my ears and peppermint behind my ears.  NEVER put the oils in your ears!

Here is a great video that demonstrates what I do.  As crazy as it seems it really has helped me!

I have been on this regiment for a few months and I feel that my allergy symptoms are completely under control!  It's so amazing to have something natural work!!!  That is why I had to share it.  I hope it helps others who suffer with allergies!!!

On another note I feel that the Defense supplement and immune defense oil has helped keep my immune system strong and I haven't gotten sick when others around me are sick, so.... I think its really making a difference.

Neat-pure oil without dilution of a carrier oil
The reason to apply the oils to the bottom of the feet is they have the biggest pores in the body.
Be sure your oils are pure and do your research on the essential oil companies.